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SM 72 SORM/SORMZ Drupa RollersInker PositionColorSet Q.IDODFLOALForm/DistributorBlue228/41 mm61 mm513 mm787 mmForm/Distribu.. Product #: SM 72 SORM/SORMZ Drupa


Available Options

Ink Roller Position:
Dampening System:
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Inker PositionColorSet Q.IDODFLOAL
Form/DistributorBlue228/41 mm61 mm513 mm787 mm
Form/DistributorRed228/28 mm54 mm513 mm787 mm
Form/DistributorWhite228/41 mm64.5 mm513 mm787 mm
Form/DistributorYellow328/41 mm68 mm538 mm787 mm
Hickey/PickerWhiteOption60 mm55 mm532 mm787 mm
DuctorBlack178 mm48 mm520 mm787 mm
Oscillating Ink DuctorBrown1108 mm50 mm532 mm787 mm
Dampening System
Alcolor Water Form141 mm68 mm518 mm813 mm
Alcolor Water Form141 mm74 mm548 mm783 mm
Blanket WashUp (manual)241 mm65 mm740 mm813 mm
Blanket WashUp (pneumatic)141 mm65 mm735 mm783 mm

Ref: 6203-2RSB 2 per set

Ref: 6003-2RS 2 per set

Blanket wash-up roller

Blanket Size
23.75 x 29.625
mm: 603 x 752

Available upon request

If applicable, order per your specifications

Blanket Packing Dimensions
21 x 28.75
mm: 533 x 730

Plate Packing Dimensions
24.25 x 28.50
mm: 578 x 724

Plate Dimensions
22.75 x 28.50
mm: 616 x 724


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