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LITHRONE 28 ROLLERSInker PositionOrder #Set Q.IDODFLOALA FormL28-15-A150.8 mm71 mm734 mm782 mmA Form (Hickey Pic.. Product #: lithrone 28


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Ink Roller Position:
Dampening System:
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Inker PositionOrder #Set Q.IDODFLOAL
A FormL28-15-A150.8 mm71 mm734 mm782 mm
A Form (Hickey Picker)L28-15-AHPOption
B FormL28-15-B147.6 mm68 mm734 mm826 mm
B Form (cocking)L28-15-BCkgOption41.2 mm782 mm
C FormL28-15-C141.2 mm62 mm734 mm782 mm
D FormL28-15-D147.6 mm75 mm734 mm826 mm
D Form (cocking)L28-15-DCkgOption50.8 mm782 mm
E DuctorL28-15-E141.2 mm60 mm734 mm800 mm
D DistributorL28-15-F141.2 mm60 mm734 mm800 mm
G DistributorL28-15-G247.6 mm65 mm734 mm826 mm
H DistributorL28-15-H160.3 mm80 mm734 mm764 mm
I DistributorL28-15-L160.3 mm82 mm734 mm826 mm
Dampening System
V Water Form 1L28-826-V150.8 mm79 mm738 mm826 mm
V Water Form 2L28-872-V872 mm
W Water MeterL28-15-W147.6 mm73 mm796 mm882 mm
Dampening Forms : 1-Part #2444932003 or 2-Part #2444932023

Ink Ref: 6202 ZZ 2 per set

Ref: Water Form & Meter: 6202 2RU

Blanket Size
26.375 x 29.125
mm: 670 x 740

Blank Bars (set)
Available upon requiest

If applicable, order per your specification

Packing Dimensions
21.625 x 28.75
mm: 550 x 730

Plate Dimensions
23.625 x 28.75
mm: 600 x 730


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