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Paper folded 4 times and went through the press, smashed all of the blankets with the exception of the blanket that had Unison underlay. This prompted them to buy additional Unison to outfit their entire press.


I thought you might want to know that the Unison packing blanket has already proved its durability. We installed the Unison packing blanket on our first unit on the 102 V Heidelberg. A sheet that was folded over four times went through the press and smashed the blankets with packing paper behind the blankets, but did not smash the first unit. We are looking forward to installing Unison on all our units. Thanks for putting a product in our hands to help us save money and production.


Riegle had a QM46 that was eating blankets and installed to Unison to see if it would help. They loved it and the next time we spoke ordered 4. Planning to order more in the future.


As I told you on the phone, we are absolutely delighted with the improvement in our print quality since we replaced all eight dampener form rollers and many of the ink form rollers on our Goss Community Press with new Pacesetter rollers.

Until recently we never really realized how much we were losing in print quality because of hard rollers. We set pressures by ink stripes and slip sheets, but used the "thumb test" to check hardness. After I read an article in a printing journal about how important it is to have pliable rollers, I invested over $500 for a Shore durometer. We found rollers in our press that appeared to be in good condition but reading up to 45 on the durometer. They are all gone now. We found some of our new spares from other manufacturers were over 30 durometer, right out of the box. The Pacesetter web site was very helpful in our decision to consult with you on getting rollers with the specifications for optimum printing results.

In short, since installing the Pacesetters we find ink and water adjustments are easier and much more precise and our paper has never looked better. Also we know we have eased the mechanical stress on the printing units because there is so much less resistance when engaging the form rollers.

You can count us as extremely satisified customers. Thanks for an excellent product.


I thought I should take the time to forward a comment from our lead pressman on the performance of your new synthetic packing sheet. "Fantastic", was his reaction after running it for a week on our Ryobi. He is using your 4-ply blanket with the packing sheet. After running 5,000 #10 envelopes and several business card orders, 5000 more envelopes and some 12 pt covers, the blanket is still performing well enough to run full coverage screens on 11 x 17 60# text. All this with no blanket change, which saves us time and blankets. Ordinarily, he would have had to put on a new blanket after running the envelopes. Needless to say, you've made a believer out of Threepenny Press.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing your new roller NS 12000 compound to us. We are currently using Pacesetter rollers on both our web and sheetfed presses. Since our transition from Bottcher to Pacesetter, we have had great success with the performance and longevity of your product. We have been using Pacesetter products for over eighteen years and have been continually satisfied with your products and services.


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Full service machine shop complete with in house CNC/Lathes. We have blueprints for over 1000 different cores.We can repair, rebuild or manufacture to OEM specs.

Our capabilities include:

  • New Core Fabrication
  • Journal Repairs
  • Center Hole Repairs
  • Custom Welding
  • CNC Machining
  • Chemical Testing

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